Here are a few of the services we offer. Feel free to visit the shop if you have any questions, or drop us a line using the contact form. In addition, if there is no event listed on the calendar, feel free to come by to lay out/sandwich your quilt on our class tables.

Long Arm Quilting

Let us save you the time of quilting your unfinished quilts! Our long arm can accommodate quilts larger than 120 inches square, and turn-around is six weeks. The long arm is completely free motion. Our long arm quilter, Daisy, has provided a few samples below (and we will have more available shortly).

In addition, hand quilters can have their quilts basted, which can be especially helpful for those larger projects.

Pricing is based on the size of the quilt, and density of the quilting. To get an estimate for your quilt, please consult the chart below or call us.

  Basting Low Medium High
60" x 46" (crib) $13.80 $32.60 $60.20 $87.80
60" x 60" (throw) $18.00 $41 $77.00 $113.00
93" x 72" (twin) $33.48 $71.96 $138.92 205.88
96" x 93" (double) $44.64 $94.28 $183.56 $272.84
108" x 93" (queen) $50.22 $105.44 $205.88 $306.32
122" x 122" (king) $74.42 $153.84 $302.68 $451.52